The Scene. Part 2: Bikes! And Riders

The view from my office today as I write this. Here we go!

Warning!! Amateur bike writer. This is a fictional account of actual bike expertise.

Read at your own risk.

For all you bike junkies out there…..

Hey, It’s Mr. Obvious here to announce that we would not be doing this adventure without our bikes!

They are Critical to the effort in all ways. And while they all share some similar characteristics, they are also individualized to each riders particular style, needs and experience.

So here we go…..from the novice bike knowledge of me comes….the bikes and riders of 2019 GDR.

Note: Taken at Del Norte Colorado. We have said goodbye to quite a few riders from previous stages at this point and this is the group going the whole way.

Renee’s Idworx

Kathryn having a moment with her bike…or putting on lip balm?

Kathryn’s Santa Cruz Juliana

Hans. Dutch Doctor. Biking Machine

Hans aka Terminator’s Blacksmith

Wilbert’s Cube (Group Leader. No photo….couldn’t get release)

Rob. Dutch Navy Computer Programer and another “Hans”

Rob’s Salsa

Stuart. A British downhill bomber on this full suspension Lentz

Stuart and James, our mechanic, working on his Lentz. Too much bombing?

Jim doing some cross fit dumpster push thing. Seems his bike is in a delicate spot should he be successful 😂

Jim’s Trek

Dana’s Carver.

Can’t find his pic. Likely getting one last snack before we leave. He has a bottomless pit of an appetite. Hence the saddlebags!

Neil doing some bike whispering

Neil’s Orbea

John’s Salsa

Clive’s Cannondale

Yost’s Cube

Tom’s Salsa….2 pics because he is so photogenic

Yours Truly and The Mighty Moots

Ole 42 needed a nap.

So, what characteristics do all share?

* Mountain bike frame style

* Standard mountain bike tires

(Maxxis seems the tire of choice)

* All disc brakes

What are noticeable variants ?

* Flat bars vs Drop bars (8 flat-7 drop)

* Rigid Fork vs Suspention Fork (4 rigid-11 suspension of some sort)

* Full suspension vs. Hard tail ( 2 full-13 hard)

* 1x drive train vs 2x (primarily single AND we have 1 triple!)

* Tubeless vs tube tires (virtually all tubeless)


* Dropper seats ğŸ˜Ž (2)

* Bar ends (5)

Unique….(as in 1)

*Belt drive

Must haves:

* Water carrying capabilities. Everyone carries at least 3 liters. Our longest unsupported range is 40 miles

* Storage for rain/warm gear, bear spray, first aid, tools, parts, etc.

(We are a supported ride so that makes life a lot less complicated)

Random bike attire thoughts.

Best attire piece I have used almost every day is Rapha Roubaix bibs. They have exterior mesh pockets on the outside of each thigh are are EXTREMELY convenient.

Dressing in layers is really important so looking at route (when climbs occur) and weather (wind, etc) affects my strategy. The group likes to head out fairly quickly for the first 5 to 10 miles and it is nice to be comfy for that portion.

I have gone to “road style” gear exclusively as the ride has developed. Bibs, undershirt, jersey, arm warmers, wind vest, ultra light full sleeve jacket to start most mornings.

Shoes are almost exclusively all SPD type and lightweight. Shoe covers make up for weather variance. We do have two riders on flat pedals.

A lot of this route would be a perfect fit for a gravel road bike BUT there are some incredibly rugged areas where a mountain bike of some sort is about the only option.

Of note: I have now lost 3 water bottles on very very rough descents and I am not out of the ordinary.

In closing.

Having started clueless on this ride and the bike application needed I have to hand it to my friends at


The Moots has been incredible and zero problems.

Only one thing I found out was I had “ejected” enough tire sealant (I would notice wet spots around my tire rims in some rough days) that I had almost none left in my front tire and suffered a leak until we recharged the sealant.

So, should you lose your mind and decide to do this ride feel free to contact me with ANY questions.

I have no technical ability to answer but won’t hesitate to give my opinion!



2 thoughts on “The Scene. Part 2: Bikes! And Riders

    1. Hey John. You would love the bike scene here. We see so many varieties especially with the fully loaded riders. Then when you witness the conditions the bikes are put thru it is pretty amazing they can handle it.


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