Well, well, well. Hello New Mexico!

Polar Lander??? Wasn’t “Mars” weird enough?

A Franchising Opportunity!


First small towns in New Mexico I rode thru

Everything seems normal here.

Is Area 51, 52 or 53 anywhere near here?? I just feel “something” must be.

We are on the final stages of the ride (10 stages to go) and I am getting anxious to put a bow on this adventure.

It has been incredible in so many ways as the views from today show

Yes, that is me with my feet up and fireplace roaring! Chilly here.

The last few hundred miles are sure to bring many more memorable moments and views. Also, I can assure you there is no place like home.


Still have some exploring and riding to do…..some Blazin as they say. 😎

See you all soon!

The Blaze

2 thoughts on “Well, well, well. Hello New Mexico!

  1. Mars Polar Lander? Really, do they make this stuff up just do people can blog about it! 😝😬
    Love the roaring fire place, well deserved after all these miles! Hang in there, the end is in site! 👍


    1. It was so “out of the way” that I am mystified by the reason. Both “sights” were total back woods. And that comes from a guy who hasn’t seen a stoplight in many many many hundreds of miles. 😳


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