Wednesday…What a difference a day makes…….

The calamity of one day ends and the opportunity of the next day awaits!!!

So Tuesday was an “off the rails” day as we scrambled to repair the van and get back into the flow.

With some semblance of order restored and an “option” day of riding available, I took the opportunity for a solo bike ride on a perfect temperature/blue sky day!

Good Morning!!! A perfect day!

The road just seemed to go on forever!

And….Just when I thought I was on the Road to Infinity……..

Look what I found!?

The MOTHER of all Cattle Guards!!

I dream about these things and practice my approaches carefully.

I have fallen pretty hard on a single rail track and this is like the pretzel logic of normal tracks.

Not to Worry!

Back to back calamities were avoided today as I successfully negotiated this device like……..

A Cow on Skis 😎😂

Big Schuss… Boom!


Keep MOOving.

Then back to our deluxe lodging at the five star…..

Frontier Motel. A welcome sight.

Always in All ways.


Cowabunga (Polar Version)

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