The Final Countdown

Happy Monday!

Dateline: Somewhere deep in the hinterlands of New Mexico. (Cruzville if you can find it)


I swear there are more white pickup trucks here than there are residents.

Standard White Pick up with Ultra Redneck option package.

Special note: The operator of our campground here walks around with two holstered pistols.

T-minus 5 days and counting as we enter the final stretch to the Mexican border. Yay!

Luckily no rain in the forecast until our final day Friday. We will be primarily on paved roads that day. That is really good because these back roads we ride on turn into peanut butter (crunchy) if it rains at all.

In lieu of rain though….we have been having continuous heavy winds almost always directly on our nose as we ride.

It can literally stop you going down a hill at times.

Not much else to report. Just in total grind mode from here on out.

The best scenery is behind us although the vistas here are vast and beautiful.

Lots of scrub brush and supposedly goat head thorns. Super windy here. We are still up at 7,000 feet.

Looking forward to coming home and seeing everyone!

My best,

Big Hat…. NoPistol 😳😂

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