Blazin the Great Divide-Finale

Greetings from the Mexican border!!! And welcome to my final post for this journey. I think we are all happy about that! As alluded to in one of my first blogs, you will finally be “treated” to an original poem.🙄💤🤓 Credits go to Dr. Suess and far too many readings of “The Cat In TheContinue reading “Blazin the Great Divide-Finale”

The Scene. Part 4: Blaze and The Bear Knife win Battle of No Potty!

Yet another…..One never knows how things may go! As you may recall, Son in Law Shawn gave me a very thoughtful gift before I left on this big adventure. A “Bear” knife 🤗😳 As stated previously, based on its size, and my knife fighting skills, I do not think it was actually meant to, norContinue reading “The Scene. Part 4: Blaze and The Bear Knife win Battle of No Potty!”

The Final Countdown

Happy Monday! Dateline: Somewhere deep in the hinterlands of New Mexico. (Cruzville if you can find it) BTW I swear there are more white pickup trucks here than there are residents. Standard White Pick up with Ultra Redneck option package. Special note: The operator of our campground here walks around with two holstered pistols. T-minusContinue reading “The Final Countdown”

That was kind of annoying……Part 2

GUESS WHAT??? 3 guesses and the first two don’t count as we used to say 😂 Yep! Another “Plan B” Day developed Thursday. Ironically, it was the same cast members starring in the exact same genre with a slight plot twist. A scenario right out of Hollywood’s playbook! Your Heros at it again! 🙄😎 BREAKINGContinue reading “That was kind of annoying……Part 2”

The Scene: Part 3 The systems/routines

I have now been on tour for 5 weeks. We have moved from Canada to midway thru New Mexico and are now 1 week from finishing. The experience has been a very interesting from many aspects. In particular, the constant travel requires a lot of moving parts and pieces. I have been observing what keepsContinue reading “The Scene: Part 3 The systems/routines”

Wednesday…What a difference a day makes…….

The calamity of one day ends and the opportunity of the next day awaits!!! So Tuesday was an “off the rails” day as we scrambled to repair the van and get back into the flow. With some semblance of order restored and an “option” day of riding available, I took the opportunity for a soloContinue reading “Wednesday…What a difference a day makes…….”

Tuesday…..Well, that was kind of annoying

Some days are just better or worse than others. Or simply more memorable? 😎. Today was one of those days. If you are ever sick of boring and ordinary, then may I suggest spending a few days on the trail with us. Our van suffered a major calamity this morning when our driver inadvertently crossedContinue reading “Tuesday…..Well, that was kind of annoying”

Well, well, well. Hello New Mexico!

Polar Lander??? Wasn’t “Mars” weird enough? A Franchising Opportunity! Okay…… First small towns in New Mexico I rode thru Everything seems normal here. Is Area 51, 52 or 53 anywhere near here?? I just feel “something” must be. We are on the final stages of the ride (10 stages to go) and I am gettingContinue reading “Well, well, well. Hello New Mexico!”

The Scene. Part 2: Bikes! And Riders

The view from my office today as I write this. Here we go! Warning!! Amateur bike writer. This is a fictional account of actual bike expertise. Read at your own risk. For all you bike junkies out there….. Hey, It’s Mr. Obvious here to announce that we would not be doing this adventure without ourContinue reading “The Scene. Part 2: Bikes! And Riders”