That was kind of annoying……Part 2


3 guesses and the first two don’t count as we used to say 😂


Another “Plan B” Day developed Thursday.

Ironically, it was the same cast members starring in the exact same genre with a slight plot twist.

A scenario right out of Hollywood’s playbook!

Your Heros at it again! 🙄😎


Dateline: Somewhere in Nowheresville New Mezico

The sequel to DAYS OF BLUNDER commenced filming today as our recently repaired van decided it needed to once more take center stage in our daily activities.

This time it was an alternator issue that stranded us somewhere well outside of Grants, New Mexico.

Luckily I had one bar(t) of cell service

and was able to climb on top of the POS VAN to make very feeble contact with a road service company in Milan, NM

In a scene not unlike something from THE PRINCESS BRIDE …..Out to our rescue rode two handsome and daring saviors…

Billy and Cameron from A1 Road Service!

Just in case you find yourself stranded near Grants, New Mexico.

Or anywhere else I guess. They were apparently not busy at all.

Their roadside diagnosis confirmed our suspicion of a failed alternator and we began the process of another day of Plan B.

The Plan

We had other riders depending on the van for on trail support so I decided to incentivize Billy and Cam (see note about “they had nothing else to do”) with the proposal of a wager.

I asked if they thought they could get the van to town and fixed prior to me making the 25 mile bike ride into town.

They were totally game!

We set the wager, they jumped started the van, leapt into their service truck and spun gravel from their tires as they squealed out towards their shop.

To quote Ken Miller:

“For all intents and purposes….I knew I was screwed”

But….Undaunted by the impossible,

I pedaled like a man possessed…..

…….and pulled into the A1 Shop just in time to hear the hood slam shut and the van fire up. 😳

The 2 grinning mechanics slowly sauntered from the front of the van as Billy snickered “where ya been biker boy?”


Not content with a simple “here’s your money”…..Cam (Mr. 👍) and Billy demanded a ceremony.

I put on a smile and presented the Booty immediately after the playing of The Star Spangled Banner 😂

Ergo, Another day…..Another $

Yours truly,

The Bla$e

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