Tuesday…..Well, that was kind of annoying

Some days are just better or worse than others. Or simply more memorable? 😎.

Today was one of those days.

If you are ever sick of boring and ordinary, then may I suggest spending a few days on the trail with us.

Our van suffered a major calamity this morning when our driver inadvertently crossed over a set of spikes at our campground and damaged all 4 tires.

Talk about a deflating moment.

Cesar (our expert wrecker driver) w/ Wilbert and I headed to the van hospital. Nearest town was 35 miles. πŸ™„

Not much narrative to add to this little vignette. We managed to get all fixed up and back in action by afternoon.

A new and unexpected way to Blaze for sure. πŸ˜‚

Yours truly,

Adaptability is the Only Way.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday…..Well, that was kind of annoying

  1. Well that was kinda of annoying! favorite quote from Henry Tupper and now appropriately used by Steve East! 😝
    Counting down – here’s to good roads, no tire spikes, and a bed to sleep in each night! 🀞😬


    1. Ha! 10-4 on that!!!
      Latest items on the threat matrix are β€œgoat head” thorns (that puncture tires like crazy) and rattlesnakes (sign in last campground warning about snakes)
      4 camping nights left πŸ€—


  2. Well the true story we heard on this end was that you flatten all four tires of the van so you can go to the nearest town and get a shower in a real hotel. Just saying I like my story best. Can’t wait for you to get back


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